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TIKI request status flow

In order for your product to sell on TIKI website, you need to send us your product request. Depend on policy, TIKI need to take a look. Your request may pass some following status:

via tracking api , you can see what is your current request ‘s status . Here is our full status list :

queuingautorequest is in queue, waiting for processing
processingautorequest is transforming to tiki format
md_awaiting_approvemanualrequest waiting for checking certificate file
bot_awaiting_approveautoAI system is checking your request
awaiting_approvemanualrequest waiting for approving, we need to take a look
approvedmanualrequest is approved, product created successfully
rejectedauto/manualrequest is rejected, use tracking API for more information
deletedmanualrequest is deleted, no more available in system
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