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Seller API

If it is the first time you come to integrate with us, please take a look at our tutorial documents first
This is a sample postman collection that lists all the APIs we support

The table below lists APIs that can be used for product management.

API nameDescription
Get sellerReturn your seller information
Get seller warehouseReturn list of seller warehouse
Update can update product settingUpdate the can_update_product setting

Get seller

Return your seller information in the system.

HTTP Request

GET https://api.tiki.vn/integration/v2/sellers/me
    "id": 5678,
    "sid": "11047E39EC3D534013C587D207584D454B01C65",
    "name": "Sushi shop",
    "active": 1,
    "logo": "http://uat.tikicdn.com/ts/seller/8e/25/1b/ac9d0bd1f30f721d198ad37a519ffb9a.png",
    "operation_models": [
    "can_update_product": 1,
    "registration_status": "completed",
    "live_at": "2021-12-08 10:05:39"


tiki-apiseller token key (contact Tiki supporter)


idInteger5678The unique id of a seller
sidString11047E39EC3D534013C…⚠️ Deprecated
The social id of a seller
nameStringSushi shopThe name of seller
logoStringlogo URLThe seller logo URL
operation_modelsList<String>The registered operation models
activeInteger1/0Your store is active/not active on TIKI
can_update_productInteger1/0Your account can/cannot update products via API
registration_statusStringcompletedState of registration process

Registration status:

  • null – Direct created seller account. Doesn’t have registration data.
  • draft – Finish created account
  • waiting – Submitted contract. Waiting for KAM (Key Account Manager) confirm the contract
  • seller_supplementing – Waiting for seller update contract
  • kam_rejected – KAM rejected the contract.
  • completed – The contract get approved.

Currently, after the contract gets approved. Seller will receive an e-contract to sign and send it back to Tiki.
KAM will review if everything is good, then KAM will turn on your store. Then you ready to sell on Tiki.


Exception Case

HTTP CodemessageDescription
500Internal server errorhaving error in server, can’t serving

Get seller warehouse

Return list of seller warehouses

HTTP Request

GET https://api.tiki.vn/integration/v2/sellers/me/warehouses?status=1&type=1


Authorizationseller token


statusIntegerNoIs this warehouse active or not. Enum with Active (1) and Inactive (0).
typeIntegerNotype of the warehouse. Enum with Pickup (1) and Return (0)
Pickup: Warehouse which supplies products to TIKI warehouses.
Return: Warehouse which receives returned products from Tiki
limitIntegerNopaging option: max of records in a page. Default limit = 20
pageIntegerNopaging option: page number. Default page = 1


    "data": [
            "id": 2086,
            "name": "Phong Nguyễn Vũ",
            "is_primary": false,
            "status": 1,
            "type": 1,
            "street": "606/91, 3-2, P14, Q10",
            "contact_name": "Phong Nguyễn Vũ",
            "contact_email": "vuphongchampions@gmail.com",
            "contact_phone": "0353533535",
            "country": {
                "name": "Viet Nam",
                "code": "vn"
            "region": {
                "name": "Hồ Chí Minh",
                "code": "VN039"
            "district": {
                "name": "Quận 8",
                "code": "VN039016"
            "ward": {
                "name": "Phường 01",
                "code": "VN039016001"
    "paging": {
        "total": 3,
        "per_page": 20,
        "current_page": 1,
        "last_page": 1,
        "from": 1,
        "to": 3

Update can update product setting ⚠️ Deprecated

HTTP Request

POST https://api.tiki.vn/integration/v1/sellers/me/updateCanUpdateProduct

Change setting can_update_product for your account. The setting is turn on/off the permission to update products via API.


tiki-apiseller token key (contact Tiki supporter)

Request body

    "can_update_product": 0
can_update_productIntegerY1/01 for enable, 0 for disable

Response body

    "message": "success"
messageStringmessageSuccess change the setting

Exception Case

HTTP CodeMessageDescription
500Internal server errorHaving error in server, can’t serving
400Bad requestRequest not valid, check error message
401UnauthorizedYour tiki-api token is not valid
429Too Many RequestsYour rate limit is exceed
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