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Now make the first request


  • An access_token to access a store
  • Optionally Postman >= 8.0.0

If you have none, visit this guide to quickly get an access token.

Get seller information

The HTTP request to get seller information is as follow.

curl --location --request GET 'https://api.tiki.vn/integration/v2/sellers/me' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer NNeFL4C3rhLlEoL_sTVfJuI_Rw7VcCR3ECTWxLiDDUwD.xyhhTAZUP1O4QwmggSeIY_RGfZ_mXbaIHX1ItSdER12S'

And the response is:

    "sid": "8624DAE31E9AECF54C552D16A1D292CE28338587",
    "name": "Zero Shop",
    "active": 1,
    "logo": "a4/40/a8/f931d64f9a564fc160b85260b3a8cecb.jpg",
    "operation_models": [
    "can_update_product": 1,
    "registration_status": null,
    "live_at": "2018-04-02 17:25:51"

Get seller information with Postman

  1. Setup the Postman request to https://api.tiki.vn/integration/v2/sellers/me as below
  2. Select the generated token
  3. Send the request

If you don’t see any tokens or all tokens are expired, try this guide to quickly get an access token.

Common mistakes

  • Use wrong scheme (http instead of https) – remember that a POST request to http will be redirected to https as a GET (for security reason, any request body is dismissed in our http redirection). This sometimes makes developer confused.
  • Use encoded app id & secret instead of access_token
  • Use authorization code instead of access_token. Remember that authorization code is only an intermediary code for you to obtain an access token.
  • Use wrong API version?
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