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Tracking product request

After TIKI received your product request then you can track its current status by the track_id we gave you in the http response from create product request

create product request response

    "track_id": "3385dfc74f3e4a6bb947766c6e9a742f",
    "state": "queuing"

When your product request state is queuing , it means your request just received.
You can refer product request status flow here.

  • while your request is on flow , it maybe become rejected by some reason , please check it
  • if you want to delete your product request by yourself, use delete request to force request ‘s state into deleted

At first your request is checked automatically, you can track it by these method.
After that, your product request is sent to the other queue to check manually, you can tracking its current state via these method.
Once your product request is created we will provide its request_id for you





track_id will expire after 30 days. The tracking method is used to track the current state of the request in each campaign.
If you want to manage requests made in the past, take a look at the manage product request method below

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