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Scope of access

Scopes restrict which APIs your app can call. Please kindly select scopes your app really needs.

Current scopes

orderManage seller ordersList orders, confirm orders, update orders delivery status…
productManage seller productsList products, update price, update quantity, update status, get product requests…
inventoryManage seller inventoriesList seller inventoriesNot for updating stocks
multichannelCreate & manage multichannel ordersCreate and manage orders which originated from outside TikiOnly available to some partners
offlineGet refresh tokensGet refresh_token to refresh access_token when they expireRequired if you want to get refresh_token
allManage orders & productsManage your orders and products Corresponding to basic product + orderDeprecated
FulfillmentInbound shipment servicePreview, create, cancel and get detail for inbound shipment

all scope is now deprecated and is only corresponding to basic product & order scopes.
When new permissions are added to product and order scopes, they are not added to all scope any more.

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