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Order Item

idInteger156453540Unique Id of the order item
productOrder Item Product Product information at the time of the purchasing
invoiceOrder Item Invoice Invoice information: Value, discounts and fees of customer and seller in this item
sellerOrder Item Seller Seller basic information
confirmationOrder Item Confirmation Confirmation status and SLAs
inventory_requisitionInventory Requisition Information of the requisitions of the product items into Tiki warehouse (which will be delivered to customer later then)
inventory_withdrawalsInventory Withdrawal Information of the withdrawals of the product items from Tiki warehouse

Order Item Invoice

All discounts count for the order item only. For computing row_total on Order Item V2,
we only need to concern on subtotal and discount_amount.

priceDecimal409000.00Product price at the time of the purchasing
quantityInteger1Purchased quantity of this product
subtotalDecimal409000.00Total value of this purchased product
row_totalDecimal0.00Total value of this order item the customer needs to pay (counted all customer discounts and customer fees)
discount_amountDecimal428000.00Total discount value for the customer
discount_tikixuDecimal428000.00Discount value due to the use of Tiki Xu
discount_promotionDecimal0.00Discount value due to the active promotion at the time of the purchasing
discount_percentDecimal0.00Discount value computed by percent on order item value
discount_couponDecimal0.00Discount value due to the use of coupons
discount_otherDecimal0.00Discount value due to other reasons (if any)
is_seller_discount_couponBooleanfalseIf the discount_coupon comes from seller coupon
is_taxableBooleanfalseCan export VAT bill for this product
seller_feeDecimal0.00Seller fee in seller statement (on this order item)
seller_incomeDecimal409000.00Seller income in seller statement (from this order item)
feesList<Order Item Fee> Fee details

How to compute these numbers?

  • discount_amount = all discounts (the same as Order Invoice)
  • subtotal = quantity * price
  • row_total is final amount a customer has to pay for this item after all discounts:
    • row_total = subtotaldiscount_amount
    • If the computed row_total is < 0 then it will be set to zero (0)
  • seller_fee = ∑ (OrderItemFee.final_amount)
  • seller_discount = discount_coupon if is_seller_discount_coupon else 0
  • When the order is fulfilled:
    • seller_income = subtotalseller_discount + seller_fee
  • When the order is canceled:
    • seller_income = seller_fee

Important notes

  • seller_fees are later summed up in total_seller_fee for displaying purpose
  • seller_incomes are later summed up in total_seller_income

Order Item Fee

Order Item Fee Sample

  "id": 208365438,
  "fee_type_key": "base_fee",
  "fee_type_name": "Phí cố định",
  "status": 1,
  "quantity": 1,
  "base_amount": 8000,
  "total_amount": -8000,
  "discount_amount": 0,
  "final_amount": -8000

For computing seller_fee on Order Item V2 and total_seller_fee on Order V2
we only need to concern on final_amount.

idInteger189434047Unique Id of the fee entry
fee_type_keyStringpickup_feeFee type
fee_type_nameStringPhí lấy hàngFee display name
statusInteger1If the fee is enabled or not
quantityInteger1Multiply of the fee base_amount
base_amountDecimal5Base fee amount: depends on the fee_type_key this can be used as   a fixed absolute amount percent of subtotal
total_amountDecimal-5500.00Computed fee amount base on base_amount and quantity (before discount)
discount_amountDecimal0.00Discount value for seller on this fee entry
final_amountDecimal-5500.00Actual fee amount in seller statement (after discount)

How to compute these numbers?

  • total_amount is already computed based on fee_type_key, base_amount and quantity
  • final_amount = total_amount + discount_amount

Order Item Product

idInteger4873247Unique Id of the product
typeStringsimpleProduct type
skuString1810435389187Unique SKU of the product
nameStringBộ 2 Hộp Thủy Tinh...Product display name
inventory_typeStringbackorderWhere the item product is store at the time of purchasing. Values: See inventory type
imeisList<String>[]IMEIs of all delivering product items (if any)
serial_numbersList<String>[]Serial Numbers of all delivering product items (if any)
thumbnailStringsalt.tikicdn.com/cache...A link to a small product image
seller_product_codeString600134791Id or Code of the product on seller system (not unique on Tiki system)
seller_supply_methodStringmanualHow the product is supplied to Tiki warehouse

Product Inventory Type

Inventory type is a property of product. When the order is placed, the product inventory type is saved into order item data
for later processing. When we save this property to the order item, we can also call this as order item inventory type.

Inventory typeDescription
instockThis product is stored in Tiki warehouse
backorderThis product is stored in Seller inventory
preorderThis product is preordered – not available in warehouses yet

Order Item Seller

Some basic seller information

idInteger33Unique seller Id
nameStringZero ShopSeller or Store name

Order Item Confirmation

When a customer places an order and Tiki accepts to process their order, seller needs to confirm
the order as soon as possible:

  • Confirm seller have enough saleable quantity for the products in the order – available confirmation
    • This is necessary for all kinds of operation models except for Fulfillment by Tiki
    • In other words, all Order Item V2 with inventory_type=backorder needs to be confirmed by the seller
  • Confirm seller have done packaging the products for the order – pickup confirmation
statusStringseller_confirmedConfirmation status of this Order Item V2
confirmed_atTimestamp2020-05-16 08:33:35When the latest confirmation happens
available_confirm_slaTimestamp2020-05-16 12:00:00Available confirmation deadline
pickup_confirm_slaTimestamp2020-05-16 16:00:00Pickup confirmation deadly (only for drop shipping)
historiesList<Confirmation History> Confirmation histories of seller

Order Item Confirmation Status

waitingThis order item needs availability confirmation
seller_confirmedThis order item is confirmed to be available for fulfillment – enough stock – by seller
For drop shipping orders, this item needs pickup confirmation
seller_canceledThis order item is canceled – not enough stock – by seller
confirmedInternal status
ready_to_pickThis order item is in a drop shipping order, and is ready for picking by Tiki

Order Item Confirmation History

confirmed_atTimestampnullWhen the item changes to this confirmation status
order_item_idInteger156453540The Id of the Order Item V2
sla_confirmed_atTimestamp2020-08-11 12:00:00.0Available confirmation deadline
statusStringwaitingThe confirmation status

Inventory Requisition

For operation models where product items are delivered to customer via Tiki warehouse,
these product items will first be transfered to Tiki warehouse. How these product items are
transfered to Tiki warehouse depends on the operation model and stated in pickup_method field.
And this process is described by this inventory requisition object.

idInteger14933766Unique Id of the inventory requisition.
codeStringHN4/BOP/20/08/253202The unique code on the label that describes the package of products delivered to Tiki warehouse
See PO Label for how to print the label
seller_inventory_idInteger2389Id of the seller warehouse (aka. seller inventory)
statusStringdoneStatus of this process
is_printedBooleanfalseIf the PO Label is printed
pickup_methodStringcross_borderHow product items are transfered to Tiki warehouse
warehouse_codeStringhn4Tiki warehouse code
errorStringnullThe error that happens during the process
created_atTimestamp2020-08-10 18:50:18When the this process starts

Inventory Withdrawal

Information about the withdrawal of product items from Tiki warehouse. This happens
when product items have already been transfered into Tiki warehouse but the order is
later canceled.

idInteger1453443Unique Id of the withdrawal
statusStringwaiting_for_pickingStatus of the products withdrawal out of Tiki warehouse
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