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TIKI product structure

Sellers can create products to sell on TIKI. A product can be sold by many sellers. Sellers offer their price and quantity for a product on TIKI.

There are two kinds of product at TIKI: simple product and configurable products.

  • Simple products are the products that has attributes and only one variant
  • Configurable products are the products that has many variants.

Configurable products has many variants. Example: an iPhone has many variants differ by colors.

They are called option_attributes. Tiki support up to 2 option attributes ( size, color , capacity , … )

Each product belong to a specific category in a hierarchy. Example : iPhone belong to Cellphones → Smartphones → Apple → iPhone

Normally , only some category is primary that you can put products into it. In this case, the primary category is iPhone.

Each product has basic attributes:

  • Name: the name of product that is displayed on TIKI
  • Price: the sell price of a product
  • Market price : the price before discount of a product
  • Description: describe the information of products
  • Category: the primary category that products are belong. You must choose over Tiki Information APIs carefully
  • Image: the avatar of product on TIKI
  • Images: the image gallery of product on TIKI
  • The other attributes are based on the category of products, like RAM/CPU/Screen. That’s why you need to choose category carefully at first

With configurable products:

  • A configurable product has many variants and each variant maybe has its own attribute (examples : name, color…)
  • Variants differ by maximized two attributes. Example: a T Shirt has many variants that differ by color and size
  • The attributes that are used to differentiate two variants, are named option attributes. Example a T Shirt differ two variants by color and size but a phone differ by RAM & screen size.
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