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Seller Warehouse

Seller warehouse (also call seller inventory) is a warehouse of seller from which Tiki can pickup products or to which Tiki can return products.

In order to operate their stores, seller needs to register their active warehouses to Tiki. These warehouses will be used when they want to fulfill their orders.


idInteger558The unique id of the seller inventory
To be used in order confirmation and dropship confirmation
seller_idInteger871The seller who own the inventory
is_primaryBooleantrueIs this the main inventory of the seller
nameStringAlice Shop Hà NộiThe friendly name of the seller inventory
statusInteger1Is this inventory active or not
addressObjectN/ADetail address of the inventory
typeStringrequisitionType of the inventory

Warehouse status:

  • 1 means active
  • 0 means inactive

Warehouse types:

  • requisition means this inventory supplies products to Tiki warehouse
  • withdrawal means this inventory receives returned products from Tiki


    "id": 558,
    "seller_id": 871,
    "is_primary": false,
    "name": "Seller Alice Shop Hà Nội",
    "status": 1,
    "address": {
        "street": "01 đường số 2",
        "ward": "Xã Đông Xuân",
        "district": "Huyện Sóc Sơn",
        "region": "Hà Nội",
        "country": "Viet Nam"
    "type": "requisition"
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