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API related questions

This section lists frequently asked questions about the TIKI APIs and recommended resolution.

Q: What do the mangrove errors mean? Who should I reach out to?

These errors are caused by a failure to comply to our platform product content rules. These rules are set by the TIKI Content team, please reach out to the Partner Seller Support (https://sellercenter.tiki.vn/) to find out more about the rules and what you should do.
We have compiled some frequently encountered mangrove errors below for your reference.

Q: If there are 2 items in an order in 2 different stores then how to do it?

Do not worry, TIKI has supported all products in one order always in one warehouse

Q: I want to test the order, how to do?

In step test orders we described, please follow the steps that we have instructed.

Q: If I have other technical questions about API, whom shall I contact for technical support?

If you have any questions or suggestions please create issues, we will review and support you.

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