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Attribute example:

      "id": 498,
      "code": "author",
      "display_name": "Author",
      "is_required": 1
idInteger498id of attribute
codeStringauthorattribute code use to put into the attributes branch in payload
display_nameStringAuthorthe display name of this attribute
is_requiredInteger1/0user must complete all of required attribute in payload
  • Only the primary category has attributes because other categories can’t add products, it’s so useless to have attributes.
  • Each category have some required attribute like brand . You have to complete this field base on our example.
  • But your side don’t have anything to map to these or you still don’t have any idea about this then I can give you a small tips.
    It is you can complete required attribute with a dummy data like updating maybe it can bypass our automate review but I have to warn you if you abuse this TIKI content reviewer may reject your request.
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