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Start here

Right now with limited resources, we only provide production environment. This requires you to have at least one active store in Tiki to start.

Now we start

  1. Determine the appropriate app type you need to build here
  2. Registering an application with the type of app you have determined above
  3. You have to implement a few things inside your application code to obtain access token. We also publish some guides and tutorials here to help you easily implement details. Or checkout our Github code samples
  4. In case you don’t have the implementation details in your application code to obtain access token yet.   You can use Postman to get a token manually (not automatically) by following the guide here.
  5. Make your first request with the token
  6. Start build your application by getting familiar with

Tiki OpenAPI Code Samples



API endpoint

All functional calls should go to:





Authentication endpoint

We use OAuth2 then sellers can quickly obtain a token or safely authorize an app to access their store. Please use the following endpoint in your OAuth2 settings:

Auth endpoint


Token endpoint



Our APIs are continuously released and there will be a mixed between v1 and v2 until when we move all APIs to v2. We will state clearly which version should be used in each guide.

Submit issues

If you have any issues, please feel free to create an issue here. You can submit new issues every time you have a problem with our open API, but it’s better to look for similar issues first.


We warmly welcome any feedbacks. You can give us feedback directly under any documentation page or create an issue here.

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