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Return Shipment Status

Status definition

StatusDescriptionSeller created TNSL created
PROCESSINGBPOR create request is processing to create in TNSL system.x
FULLY_CREATEDBPOR created successfully with enough items requested return.x
PARTIALLY_CREATEDBPOR created successfully but that have not enough items returnable.
– Return available items.
– Other items are not create to return.
PICKINGAfter BPOR created, TNSL pick items to returnxx
MISSINGAll items are missed when processed pick in warehousexx
PACKINGPacking items to returnxx
PACKEDAll returnable items are packed
PACKED_MISSINGThere are some items missed, other items are packed.
HANDING_OVERAfter packing, packages are transfer to return team at warehouse.xx
READY_TO_RETURN– SELER_PICKUP: Seller be able to go to TNSL warehouse to pickup from this status. Aging time = 32 days for seller pickup.
– CARRIER_DELIVERY: TNSL delivery to seller warehouse
RETURNINGonly have if TNSL deliveryxx
LIQUIDATEDIF seller choose pickup at TNSL warehouse but from ready_to_return to next 32 days seller doesn’t pickup, this items move to liquidatedxx
FAILEDBPOR create request failedx
CANCELLED– BPOR canceled by Seller’s request
   BPOR is allow to cancel if status IN ( processing, created_partially, created_fully), and other status are not allow to cancel
– BPOR canceled by TNSL if there are any issues while processing , such as missing all returnable items.
DENIEDBPOR can’t create due to not have inventoryx

Status flow

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