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Fulfillment Service Group

TikiNOW Smart Logistics (TNSL) Fulfillment is a set of services that helps businesses grow by providing access to TNSL’s logistics network. Businesses send products to TNSL fulfillment centers and when a customer makes a purchase, we handle receiving, packing, shipping and returns for those orders.

Services Definition

The big picture belows debribes the full flow of fulfillment process offered by TNSL.

There are 5 key services inside TNSL Fulfillment. We provide the Service Documentation for each ones in table belows:

Service NameService DescriptionService Documentation
Product ManagementProducts are the foundation to enable fulfillment core service. The service to help customer create & manage their products. To be updated
InboundInbound service helps customer create shipment to inbound their inventory into TNSL warehouse network. Includes main actions:
1. Inbound Guidance
2. Create Inbound Shipment
3. Manage Inbound Shipment: Listing / Detail / Cancel / Get Inbound Label,…
Inventory ManagementProvide the customer the methods to keep they updates of their inventory, especially salable inventory & exclusive reports as Stock location & Inventory movement.Documentation
Order Order (Outbound) is set of APIs to receive orders from customer. The order received would be fulfiled & shipped by TNSL. Documentation
ReturnThe service to enable customer create the return shipment to withdraw their inventory, receiving customer return / cancel units.Documentation


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