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Inbound Shipment Status

StatusDefinitionSeller deliveryTNSL delivery
NEWIS(inbound shipment) was received by FSI (allowing seller to cancel)YesYes
WAITING_FOR_ITEMSIS was created at ERP, and waiting for items (allowing seller to cancel)Yes
WAIT_TRANSPORT_CONFIRMAfter D2D PO is created, TPT team & system verify and assign, before calling sellers to confirm (allowing seller to cancel)Yes
TRANSPORT_CONFIRMEDAfter confirmation is made with sellerYes
GO_PICKINGPicker goes to seller’s address, until picker picks successfullyYes

When shipper confirms that he has just received shipment from seller, the shipment(s) is moved into transport vehicle and start transporting to Tiki warehouseYes
WAREHOUSE_RECEIVEDWarehouse received itemsYes
IMPORTED_PARTIALLYItems was imported partially and waiting for other items YesYes
COMPLETED_PARTIALLYIS was rejected a part of shipmentYesYes
COMPLETEDIS was completedYesYes
FAILEDIS was failed by business logicYesYes
REJECTEDItems in shipment was rejectedYesYes
CANCELEDIS was canceled by customer or systemYesYes
RETURNINGReturning rejected itemsYes
RETURNED_SUCCESSFULLYRejected items are returned successfullyYes

Inbound status flow

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