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Order Status

allocatingLooking for a driver for a shipment
pickingA driver is picking up goods
pickedPickup success
storingStoring package in sorting center or hub
deliveringOn the way to delivery
delivery_failedReceive this status when delivery failed, retry 3 times before change status to returning
successful_deliveryDelivery successful
failed_shipmentThe shipment fails when can’t be found the driver or the pickup fails
canceledThe shipment was canceled
returningOn the way to return goods
returnedSuccessful return
return_failedThe shipment was return failed with reason code

Failed description

Webhook receive change shipment status, using reason code or description when status failed_shipment, canceled or delivery_failed
Reason codeDescription
no_longer_neededCustomers no longer need
virtual_customerVirtual customer
canceled_by_3plCanceled by partner
driver_not_foundDriver not found
package_in_returnReturning package
package_returnedReturned package
can_not_contactUnable to contact
wrong_telephone_numberWrong phone number
absence_of_receiverArrived at receiver with no recipients
receiver_rescheduleCustomer request to deliver later
change_addressChange address
open_box_right_limitedThe package is not inspected
wrong_productWrong product
wrong_codWrong COD/ Change payment information
not_placeCustomers don’t order
box_damagedPackage is damaged
lost_parcelLost package
customer_not_prepare_codThe customer didn’t prepare the money to receive package
difference_languageThe language barrier
sender_change_addressSender change pickup address
request_return_by_senderThe sender requested return package
wrong_addressWrong/change address
undefinedUnknown reason
cancel_by_logiaCanceled by TNSL admin
failed_pickup_many_timesPickup many times failed when status is failed_shipment
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