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TikiNOW Smart Logistics

TikiNow Smart Logistic (TNSL) is a platform for merchants to using Warehouses, Fulfillment and Delivery services. We will manage your inventory, fulfill and delivery products to the end customers for you automatically with the most optimized cost and time.

There’s a growing need to automate process as well as to integrate deeply with services for potential enormous business value. We built TNSL Platform with carefully selected APIs for sellers to integrate their business and for developers to make useful apps for sellers.

We are providing some kinds of APIs including:

  • Fulfillment: Create & Manage Inbound / Return Shipments, Manage Inventory, Create Fulfillment By TNSL Orders,…
  • Transportation: Create & Manage P2P Lastmile Shipment,…
  • Warehouse: TBU


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