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Return Service

Return Service (BPOR) include APIs to support customer withdraw or get return their inventory from the TNSL warehouse network. The big picture below debrief the full flow of return process:

Service actions

The following operations are included in the Return Shipment API section:

Operation NameOperation DescriptionAPI Documentation
Get Return GuidanceReturns the guidance for a list of withdraw items by SKUs. Guidance includes:
1. List of accepted quantity for each SKUs
2. Warehouse
Create Return ShipmentCreate an return shipment to withdraw stocksDocumentation
List Return shipment Get list of return shipments of a client. Includes:
– Created by seller
– Created by TNSL
Get Return Shipment DetailGet details of of an return shipmentDocumentation
Cancel Return ShipmentSeller cancel a return shipment. This apply for return shipment created by seller.
Cancel return shipment is allowed at before status picking, ref status flow
Return Shipment historiesGet status update of return shipmentDocumentation


The following table defines terminology for this API section:

Return ShipmentThere are of two types:
– One initiated by Tiki due to cancelled or failed deliveries or RMAs, slow moving, outdate and where items will be sent by TNSL to sellers.
– One initiated by seller (withdrawal of FBT items)
Return WarehouseThe warehouse in TNSL network which is available to return items.
Pickup WarehouseThe warehouse in TNSL network which is available go to pickup return items.
Shipping PlanAvailable shipping plan to ship the return shipment to seller warehouse. Currently there are two available shipping plan:
– SELF_DELIVERY: Seller go to TNSL warehouse to pickup
– CARRIER_PICKUP: TNSL pickup the packages from TNSL warehouse and delivery to seller warehouse.


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