Vietnam's fastest and most trusted B2C e-commerce platform

Main Features
With more than 10 years of growing and development,
TIKI has been trusted by many partners and stores around the world.
TIKI Developer Platform was born to the mission of shortening the gap between TIKI and partners.

OAuth 2

OAuth2 secured endpoints helps protect your app and users from unwanted accesses.


APIs are provided in REST format to help reducing the cost of integrating our API into your system.

Multiplatform SDK

With our first-party SDK, developers will not have to worry about writing API call on their own and allow them to focus on feature development.

API Explorer

Testing our API right in browsers will help your understaning of how it works.
Easy integration

Create an account

Create an account via register form. You will have to activate your account before it become usable.

Verify your profile

Only verified profile can create and manage apps on TIKI Developer Platform. The verification process might take 1 to 2 working days.

Register your app

To work with our API you need to register your app and obtains client keys. More information is available on documents.