Unable to get seller details

QuestionsCategory: AuthenticationUnable to get seller details
Baskar asked 3 years ago

Hi, we had created public app for multiple sellers. After seller authorized their account in our app, we need to call get seller api to get details of seller. So I called below api & getting failure response. Can anyone please check it?
Api endpoint : https://api.tiki.vn/integration/v1/sellers/me
Method : GET
Headers :
Authorization: Bearer {access_token}
Response :

    "httpCode": 401,
    "payload": {
    "errors": [
        "Inactive access token or invalid tiki-api"
    "meta": {
         "id": "1490397511",
        "source": "meepo"

Below attached image is one of my seller account & it got verified, but I can’t able to get seller details via api.