unable to get access token

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Baskar asked 3 years ago

Hi, While getting access token we are getting below error response, can you please check this?
Below are api details, which I called
Url : https://api.tiki.vn/sc/oauth2/token
Method : POST
Payload :

"grant_type": "authorization_code",
"code": "zBR6os_PDyTwdV8U-VgG8HPNeK79MqyRuBvrxzsoNYQ.6955gq7PiQ8ejf_************",
"client_id": "031363021********",
"redirect_uri": "https://tikilisting.sellinall.com/services/settings/complete"

Headers :

Authorization:Basic MDMxMzYzMDIxMzA1MzYxNDphNjdQNGVMejZNc3************

Response :

"error": "invalid_request",
"error_description": "The request is missing a required parameter, includes an invalid parameter value, includes a parameter more than once, or is otherwise malformed",
"error_hint": "Request parameter \"grant_type\"\" is missing",
"status_code": 400